Your best tool to monitor and control your fleet documentation. Be in compliance with the DOT, send the required information immediately from anywhere with just a click, and have peace of mind knowing and controlling your fleet information.

Have peace of mind knowing that your fleet is complying

Using Optimus Paper provides you numerous benefits including:



Stay Ahead with Expiration Alerts

Never miss a crucial deadline again. With Optimus Paper's notification calendar you'll always be in the loop about upcoming document expiration dates. Be proactive and avoid last-minute rushes, ensuring DOT compliance at all times.

Swift Document Retrieval

Every document at your fingertips. Whether you're searching by truck ID, driver name, specific dates, or just a keyword, Optimus Paper swiftly locates the exact information you need from your database. Make informed decisions faster than ever.

Seamless DOT Audit Responses

Always be prepared for inspections. At the click of a button, access all the necessary information for any DOT audit. If a truck is pulled over, instantly email all relevant documents to the driver or officer, ensuring timely deliveries and avoiding potential penalties or delays.

Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

Transform the way you work. Go paperless with Optimus Paper and supercharge your operations while minimizing document loss or errors. Trust in our robust database secured with the highest industry standards, guaranteeing your data remains confidential and safe.

Lead with Cutting-Edge Tech

Position yourself at the forefront of the industry. Optimus Paper not only optimizes your operations and streamlines your DOT compliance processes, saving time and money, but also empowers you to offer superior services. Upload, store, and access all your driver and fleet documents to ensure uninterrupted operations. Dive into a future where document handling becomes an advantage, not a chore.

Complete Peace of Mind

Reliability you can count on. With Optimus Paper, confidently manage and access your DOT-related documents anytime, from anywhere. Experience the peace of mind knowing your fleet's documents are in compliance, and you're equipped to tackle any eventuality, such as an audit or an accident, with precision.

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Assured Partners is a national partnership of leading independent insurance brokers that work with a diverse portfolio of companies in the transportation space, helping to protect motor carriers' assets.

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Mathis Law Group is Florida’s premier transportation and logistics law firm, providing exceptional legal counsel and service to its clients across the country with an approach that is practical, effective, and cost-efficient.

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Our Process: In just 4 steps you can be using this incredible tool that will change the way you manage your fleet’s documentation.

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